fast free traffic to a new website

fast free traffic to a new website

Fast Free Traffic to a New Website

This is the second article for generating traffic to a new website. This follows on from my first article ‘How to Get Traffic to a New Website‘. In the first article, we followed some specific steps as part of a system to let Google know that our website exists and to do some basic SEO. This article will discuss a fast free traffic to a new website system.

I know many online business owners who simply ignore many of these methods because it takes a little work. They understand that Google is a long way away from arriving at our website door and we are currently languishing in an online black hole. It’s virtually invisible to all the people we would like to show it to…our customers and Google.


Release the purse strings or do a little work?

There is no point checking our Google analytics account to look for some form of encouragement and inspiration. There is no website traffic action going on that we can study. No customers to investigate to see where they have come from. It’s a frustrating time for all website owners. This is why many will open up the purse strings and wonder over to Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and even Solo Ads to get the traffic ball rolling. But this isn’t getting fast free traffic to a new website, your paying for instant results.

Strategies for fast free traffic to a new website

The paid traffic option is also open to you. But if your a little like me and your favorite word is ‘free’ then you don’t mind doing something positive to build traffic today without breaking the bank.  These are valuable lessons to learn and strategies that you will be able to implement with every website you start from scratch. You don’t have to buy traffic, you can generate fast free traffic to a new website just by following some simple steps.

How to get fast free traffic to a new website

We have decided that our money will remain in a safe place and can be used on something more tangible in the future. Now I have to warn you that these free traffic methods will entail doing some work. The good news is they will generate results. How much traffic depends on how much work you do. So let’s get into it. Let’s have a look at what you can do to get fast free traffic to a new website starting today!

Spying on the competition.
It’s so important that we watch what our competitors are doing in our niche. We need to know how they are performing and why? If they are top of the search engines for your main keywords we need to know how they achieved this? What techniques have they used to rank high and remain there over a long period?

We can use free tools to accomplish this and this is the first step we need to do to get fast free traffic to our new website. One of the best free tools to use is called Rank Signals. This free to use software will allow us to uncover SEO backlinks and traffic sources. Powerful stuff, and just what we need to probe into traffic generation we can use today.

We already discussed how backlinks will increase our page rank once our website has passed the Google website personality check. But we can also leverage these to build fast free traffic to a new website.

Once we have registered with Rank Signals we can start adding in our competitive URL’s. Don’t bother with generic websites such as Ebay, we will gather no meaningful information from them. We want the authority websites in our niche. Make a list of these websites linking to our competition. If they have a blog can you comment on there?

You may find that a lot of links are coming from blog or forum posts. That’s fine, make a list and we will go back to all these later.


How to get fast traffic to a new website

Dig Deeper and Wider
Once you have started to build a domain list of backlink websites we can insert these URL’s into Rank Signals also. You can continue with this as long as you want. You will be generating a powerful list of websites that you can use to add content by writing helpful posts that solve problems.

Authority Blogs
Have a quick look through the blog articles and see if you can make a comment. You may have to register first. This is just a filter the website owner has put in place to avoid comment spam and link baiting. Search for an article that you are interested in and add a few paragraphs of helpful content. Try and solve problems so your comments are viewed as helpful to the question and then add your backlink at the end.

You must ensure you offer great content otherwise it will just be dismissed as spam. You want the website owner to read it and consider it to be good enough to leave on the website. It’s a ‘give and take’ relationship. You are giving some useful content that the blog owner considers useful to readers. You are rewarded by allowing you to add your website link, thus creating the backlink.

Authority Forums
Forums are another useful way to get fast free traffic to a new website. These websites are slightly different. First of all, we need to register before we are allowed to comment on anything. When we add our signature we need to provide a very powerful title that will catch the eye. Add a few lines of text outlining your business and who you are. Then you can add the URL of your website. Once approved you can start to post.

The same rules apply to blog commenting. Add real value to the forum by making professional comments that have real appeal to the forum community. Don’t just say ‘great post’ and here is my website link. You will probably get banned the same day. You are getting something of value (a backlink) from an authority website in your niche that Google will take notice of. In return give the forum something of value in return…great content.


Build Backlinks and Build Reputation
Once you do this on a regular basis you will see results, I guarantee it! Not only will you receive more website visitors but you will be networking and creating useful contacts in your niche which can only be good for business. But this can only happen if you give the great content so they will see you as an authority in the niche. Forums and blog posts are great for fast free traffic to a new website.

Target the Long Tail Keywords
Another very useful tactic to use to get fast free traffic to a new website is to choose longer, less competitive keywords. We call these ‘long tail’ keywords and they will generally receive less traffic but don’t let that put you off.

It’s common for an online business to focus on keywords that are 2-3 and 4 words long. Let’s suggest our website promotes ‘Elvis Presley Memorabilia’. The obvious keywords we would naturally chase after would be exactly that ‘Elvis Presley Memorabilia’. This would be an extremely difficult keyphrase to rank for, especially for a new website. So let’s look at longer (less competitive) keywords and check the organic search results.

Elvis Presley Memorabilia

(About 7,630,000 results)

Elvis Presley Memorabilia Mugs 

(About 319,000 results)

Elvis Presley Memorabilia China Mugs
(About 210,000 results)

6- Keywords:
Elvis Presley Memorabilia Bone China Mugs

(About 186,000 results)

Elvis Presley Memorabilia Signed Bone China Mugs

(About 167,000 results)

We can see from these examples that the more specific we are the less competition there is in the Google search results. So while we wait for Google to start ranking our main keywords we can drive traffic now by focusing on the long tail. Get fast free traffic to a new website with longer keywords.

I know you’re probably thinking that creating a web page for long tail keywords will bring less traffic so what’s the point? The point is you can get pages ranked much more quickly and that is what we are looking to achieve. Generating fast free traffic to a new website? Build more and more pages to target the long tail.

Don’t just be credible…be incredible!
Google will start to take notice of your website more quickly. It also gives your website positive feedback because it shows that you intend to build a website that covers the topic in greater depth. This is a sign of authority. Google loves authority websites. You can sweep up all the less common keyword phrases, get traffic and build credibility in your niche at the same time.

Guest Blogging
This option is not for everyone but the marketing concept is a very powerful one. Can you write a compelling article that has a connection to your niche. This has to be a standout article because you will be presenting it to the top blog websites in this niche.

The idea is simple. You put together a well-written article (minimum 2000 words) and offer it to a top authority blog. Inside the blog at the end is your call to action. Maybe a link to one of your blog posts on a similar topic. The article could be read by thousands (even tens of thousands) over the coming years. But why would another competing niche blog add your guest post?

This is all to do with credibility. It’s fine for a person to own a blog and write 100% of the content. But at the end of the day, this is just one person’s views on one general topic. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to have guest blog posts from time to time? This would freshen up the content. It would give someones else’s angle and opinions on the same topic. Readers will find this engaging and enjoy the authority blog even more.

For you, this is powerhouse marketing. You will gain some authority status because of your compelling article was posted on a top blog. This authority will pass onto your website and these readers may start to follow you and look what you are doing in this marketplace. It’s networking and sharing the love. In return, you could place a post from the authority blog onto yours? Can you see how this can multiply?

You can contact as many authority blogs in your niche. Ask them if you could write a post for them? Show them some of your work. You can really ramp things up another level. All of a sudden you have lost interest in Google and waiting for them to index your pages. This is direct marketing. Targeted visitors coming to your website on auto-pilot. Get fast free traffic to a new website using guest blogging techniques.

Social Media
You cannot underestimate the power of social media. When you watch people walking down the street with their mobiles in hand staring at the screen the chances are they are looking at Facebook, Twitter etc.

These are great places for exposure. Just search for niche groups and join them. I know many of them do not allow the promotion of links but there are other ways of doing it. Place some solid content and ask them to message you for more information. Your not breaking the rules.

On your website ‘about us’ page you could add details about your name in the title, description, and content. So in your tweet, you could put ‘Sarah Jane Williams – Home Made Pottery’. If anyone wants to find you just Google it. If you’re ‘about us’ page isn’t listed on Google add your details on Linkedin etc. Google should spider these details so they will be indexed.

There are always exposure strategies we can use to assist us with our website marketing. You just have to use your imagination. Have a look at what other more experienced marketers are doing. You can learn so much from them.

In summary
Getting fast free traffic to a new website is not that difficult. There are so many ways to give exposure to your new business. There is a lot of work to do and that puts off so many other website owners. But you don’t have to get obsessed with it. Just set aside 2-hours a day for website promotion and the other 2-hours for building new content. You can grab all this traffic that your competitors didn’t want to work for!

You can really move your business forward like this. All of a sudden your website is growing into something special, something very substantial. It is taking great strides towards that authority status. You are getting some very welcome exposure in the marketplace because of your guest posting and Google starts to notice you.

Even your Google analytics views will be something to look forward to. You will see spikes that reflect specific marketing strategies that you have used. Do more of the same and get more traffic. Don’t forget that day when all your content starts to kick-in on the organic search. Once you have lift-off enjoy the ride. Keep building and networking. Looking at your traffic graph will be a sign of achievement. A testimony for your hard work and dedication, now it’s time to reap the rewards. Start building some fast free traffic to your new website today!

how to get traffic to a new website

how to get traffic to a new website

How to get Traffic to a New Website

The main problem with free traffic sources is time and that is true of organic search engine traffic. Long gone are the days when you could upload a new website and get it indexed on Google the very same day and be generating a decent level of traffic in a few days. Sadly those simplistic times are no longer with us and they won’t ever be coming back. You need to understand the system, how it works and how to get traffic to a new website.

The reality check.

Your website is new and looks great. You have been working tirelessly in making it look beautiful and can’t wait for the doors to open and the customers to come flocking inside. In your mind, you may be expecting a continuous flow of eager visitors as soon as you hit publish. But in reality, you have just opened up a shop on the main street in a ghost town.


You have done plenty of in-depth niche research so you are confident the website topic is correct. What you are offering is in demand so where are the hungry buyers? The truth of the matter is…nobody knows it exists, only you! Your online business dream is currently just that. A virtual money making, cash generating website that only has one potential customer…you! The concept of how to get traffic to a new website is fairly straightforward but it is a reality check for everyone.

New rules for new websites.

The rules have changed and you have to understand the reasons why. To put it bluntly, Google does not trust you. Your website could be here today and gone tomorrow. It has not worked out what your target audience is and what you have to offer them? Google needs to figure out what your offering is relevant. In other words, is it of the quality to index it and is it enough to give it some level of ranking? The answer to all those questions is no.

The blackhat war.

Not every website owners play with a straight bat! There have been (and still are) owners that don’t want to play by the rules. They want instant results and are prepared to go all out to get them in record time. They don’t care what Google wants and they are only interested in what they can get. Google introduced algorithms to combat this.

They want to weed out these blackhat charlatans and punish anyone who isn’t prepared to follow the guidelines. They want a clean search engine that brings optimum results from any search. 100% accuracy based on what people are searching for. No guess work, highly focused results with pinpoint accuracy. They don’t want any “page cannot be found” nonsense or anyone directed to a web page that has no connection to the search topic. Understand the steps of how to get traffic to a new website using white hat techniques.

Google is getting it right.

You can’t blame Google for this. We all use it for search. It is the ‘go to’ guy when we are looking for something specific. We would not be impressed if we were offered results off-topic or web pages that are longer available. We may even look for other search alternatives. This is the worst nightmare for Google. Not only will they lose a customer but just consider how this will affect their advertising revenue?

Let them know where you are.

So now we understand the current state of play and how we can get traffic to a new website. But what steps can be taken starting today that can get the ball rolling? We need to educate ourselves on how to get traffic to a new website.

First of all, we are going to focus on Google. I will do separate articles for the other search engines in the future. So let’s start the step-by-step guide.

Step 1:
First of all, we need to let Google know that our website is live. We can get Google to crawl our website quite quickly. All you need to do is add your website link to one that is already indexed on Google. The higher the page rank the better so the search engine spiders will find it instantly.

Look for authority websites. There are community websites where we can share our opinion and then drop the link. Other possibilities are websites in our niche where we can comment and place the link after adding some useful content. If you don’t want to do this then use the step2 method below. Either way, these are the strategies on how to get traffic to a new website.

Step 2:
Next, we need to go to Google Webmaster Tools. Here we can submit our website for indexing. We can also verify that the website is ours by either uploading an html file or by adding code into the meta tags. I personally prefer to add the html file to the root directory, it only takes a few minutes via ftp. Then we can click the button to verify.

Step 3:
While we are still in the webmaster tools section we need to visit the Google Search Console. This is a free tool we can use to see instantly which pages are indexed on Google and make optimized changes to web pages to achieve higher rankings. All these steps will benefit us later of course but this is the housekeeping we need to do now on how to get traffic to a new website.

Step 3:
We need to get our website signed up with Google Analytics. This will tell us more information about the people who come to our website. We can view all this information on our mobile phone, laptop or desktop. There will be no data to analyze at the beginning because you have no visitors but once you do, you want to know more about them. This allows us to tailor our marketing accordingly. It will confirm what we are doing ‘on page’ is right and where our website is failing.

What do we do next?

We need to make sure that our web pages are fully compliant with Googles algorithms. We should already have completed our keyword research and have enough content on the website to launch it. Each page must be working at optimum performance levels so we can get each page ranked for that keyword. This is a solid system on how to get traffic to a new website.

Web Page Title: 
Each page on our website has to be named after our keywords. If the keyword phrase for the page is “terracotta studio pottery vases” then we would name this page:

so the complete URL including our domain would be…

Meta Tags:
In the meta tags at the top of each page, we need our keyword in the title and again in the description. If our keyword was “terracotta studio pottery vases” then we would add this inside the head tags next to the title.

<title>Terracotta Studio Pottery Vases | Terracotta Studio Pottery Bowls | Terracotta Studio Pottery Jars</title>
<meta name=”description” content=”Hand-made terracotta studio pottery vases. Unique terracotta vases glazed and unglazed. Terracotta vases in various sizes, shapes, and shades”>

In this example, I have added three different keywords but all generally related. These keywords will also be added to the web page contents. You will see that all three are separated by the pipe symbol (|).

In the description, we have added our keyword phrase once more and a little extra meat to add to the text. This ensures Google understands what the page content will be.

There is no requirement to add keywords in the meta tags. This option was spammed for many years so Google just dismisses this so it’s not worth adding it. We have already added out best three keywords to the title anyway.

Header tags:
Header tags allow us to inform Google what the most important keywords are in order. The first is the H1 tag and this will be the main keyword that we place before the content and give it the H1 authority.

Further down the page, we add our H2 tag. This will be the second most important keyword and will be the middle one in the title meta tags.

About two-thirds of the way down the page we can add our last H3 tag and our third and final keyword for this page.

Now we can move onto the next step which shows us how to get traffic to a new website.

Keyword Density:
This is another area that was abused by spammers who overloaded content with keywords trying to get specific rankings. These days are gone and your keyword density should be no more than 1% of the overall content. There are plenty of WordPress plugins and other free services online where you can find the keyword density of your article.

Images can be named around the same three keywords. So depending on the image file type we would rename this image either:


Once the image is placed in the content we can right click and add keywords to the alt tags. All this will be visible to Google spiders and all this confirms the information Google needs to rank this particular page for a particular keyword.

How Many Words in the Content?
Try and write as much as you can while keeping on topic. Don’t forget you want the article to be engaging for the reader so don’t drift off topic. Articles of 500 words or less usually dismissed by Google so you have to write more. It doesn’t matter if this takes you 4-hours. It’s all about creating professional content in detail. This is a crucial element in the ”how to get traffic to a new website’ system.

Have a look at the articles that have already been written under your same keywords. If there are none at all that’s great. The niche must be a very tight one or the keywords you are using are longtail with less competition. If there are sample articles to look at find out how many words they are using. This is the benchmark for you. Try and do more and Google will reward you for it!

If an article indexed in the top 3 of the search results on Google is titled “the top 10″….Then why not try and write a similar article that lists the top 20…or more! Try and give something extra. The idea is to outrank the competition by creating better articles that reflect your website authority status. They need to be longer, more beneficial to the reader by adding more content that is engaging.

What to do while we are waiting for Google

This is all good housekeeping and is a starting point for our website nothing else. We have a good looking website that has some content but we need to evolve the website next to prepare for Google. This is all the preparation on how to get traffic to a new website.

Our current web pages are optimized for our chosen keywords. There are no broken links and everything is working as it should be. We have notified Google that our website is there the rest is up to them.

In the meantime we have two things to do that will keep us busy until our website takes off. Trust me with this one, if we have done everything correctly then it will get that traffic boost in time. At the start, it will be a trickle from the organic search results. But one Google starts to trust and then indexes all our other pages then the traffic levels will soar.

This two-point plan will assist us to get traffic to our website now and also ensures that our traffic will be of a higher level in the future. These simple strategies are the keys to how to get traffic to a new website.

The two-point plan

I have just mentioned that Google will index our content bit by bit. Once it trusts you it will index more. So we need to continue creating the website content on a regular basis. Write more articles under some of your keywords. I know this can be difficult because you see no financial reward for your hard work.

Taking a peek at Google Analytics can also be a painful experience so I would do this every two weeks in the early stages. You don’t want to get depressed looking at a flow chart that is flat as a ballroom dancefloor. Just ignore it and carry on regardless.

Your second job is to create some good backlinks to your website. To do this we need to look for authority websites in our niche. These could be a mixture of forums and authority blogs. You should make a list of these so you can find them easily. You will be visiting these quite a lot in the coming months.

Look for topics you can comment on. I would add maybe two paragraphs of on-topic information that has real value. At the end of your content add a link to your website. If you are targeting a specific keyword on your website then use the keyword and point the link to that keyword page.

These two steps will bring some traffic to your website while you wait for Google. You are also building a good reputation because of your comments so others may link to your website or mention you in other blog posts.

Website backlink strategies is a topic I will cover in more detail in another article. I hope that this article on ‘how to get traffic to a new website’ has been beneficial to you. I understand that part of the journey can be frustrating and demoralizing at times. But persist, be determined. Dropping out is just what your competitors want…so why give them the pleasure?

How to Write Content For Affiliate Marketing

how to write content for affiliate marketing

How to write content for affiliate marketing

If you are planning on promoting third party products as an affiliate then you have to ensure that you do this in a professional way. Many people ask me how to write content for affiliate marketing and I always give them the same answer. Be honest with your appraisal, go into as many details as possible including the positives and negatives. Ensure the reader goes away with a complete understanding of the product so they can make a conscious decision to buy or keep searching for something similar.

write content affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Many people reading this article will already know the answer to this question. But for those inexperienced affiliates new to the concept let me enlighten you.

We have all purchased from Amazon at one time or another. If we have clicked on a link promoting an Amazon product while you are not actually on an official Amazon website then the chances are you are clicking on an affiliate link. You click the link and are redirected to the official Amazon website where you can browse for more information or buy. If you buy, the person behind the first website or advertisement will get a commission. This is their reward for learning how to write content for affiliate marketing.

The commission could be 5% of the retail price. For example. If the product is $100 then the affiliate, in this case, would receive $5.00. Not enough to retire on I grant you but multiply that by 100 and you can now see the attraction and why millions of affiliates promote Amazon products.

There are hundreds of affiliate programmes available and here are some of the most popular examples.

Commission Junction

I will cover these affiliate programmes in future articles but let’s move onto how to write content for affiliate marketing.

Why Write Content to promote affiliate products?

The truth is that you don’t need to write anything if you don’t want to. You can simply place advertisements on Google Adwords for example so you get listed at the top of the search results in minutes. But that luxury comes at a price and competitive keywords will be dollars a click. Can you afford to pay a few dollars when someone clicks on your ads without guaranteeing a sale? Not when you are on a 5% commission at any rate.

You could, of course, reduce the costs of the clicks by choosing some less competitive keywords. The downside to this is you get fewer clicks and the traffic will be less targeted. You would be fortunate if you broke even. This is why I prefer to write information and get free traffic as opposed to paying for instant results that could wipe you out financially! Let me show you how to write content for affiliate marketing products and services.

website content writing affiliate marketing

Website content for promoting affiliate marketing products.

Give them the full sales pitch and more!

The buying public isn’t stupid, they are getting very streetwise when they buy online. Long gone are the days when you could tell someone just about anything just to secure an affiliate sale. They don’t know who you are but they used to give you the benefit of the doubt. Thankfully, those early days of “smash and grab” affiliate marketing are gone. The savvy shoppers have hounded them out because they know the real truth behind the online shopping experience.

They understand that if the seller wants their money they need to convince and impress. You have to give them the full sales pitch and then some more. You have to persuade them by covering all the bases possible. You need to leave them in no doubt that not clicking that link would be an error of their judgment. It would be silly to continue searching for other options or lower priced alternatives. They want it now and they would be a fool if they didn’t ‘click to buy’. This is how you write content for affiliate marketing.

Being complete honest has its rewards

Honesty goes a long way online. The potential buyers are generally very good at reading people. They know when you are sincere and not just out to make money. You are trying to assist them in making a decision. You know what they want because they arrived on your page for information about a product or service you are promoting.

The first part of this engagement is so important. It’s like looking at new or used cars in the forecourt. You are casually looking at various models and then you see the salesman approaching through the corner of your eye. You are ready for his well-drilled sales pitch. The pleasantries of “good morning” and “what a lovely day it is” (to buy a new car from me)!

You can read through him like a book and look forward to some business banter. But then you are surprised, he comes across as a genuinely nice guy that wants to help you. This is how to write content for affiliate marketing. Your website has to transfer your honesty onto the sales page.

how to write content affiliate marketing

Be factual with your stats

Make sure all your facts about the product or service are correct. If you have personally used it yourself then this is a huge advantage. You can really dig deep with all the information. This would go beyond what is listed in the advertising literature. You have a bond with this product and you can’t wait to tell the potential buyer what the good points are and not forgetting the bad points.

There shouldn’t be too many negatives. If there was then ask yourself why you are promoting this in the first place? You didn’t like it but you are willing to sell it to others? I don’t think so! The pluses have to outdo any minuses. No product is perfect. Go into details as much as you can. Just be honest, with the mindset of trying to assist someone to make a decision.

If you come across with the attitude that everything is wonderful and it’s the best thing since sliced bread you will lose the respect of the potential buyer. Be unique…be yourself. They don’t want to see ‘copy and paste’ text from the affiliate sales compendium. They can find that anywhere on the Internet. All the other affiliates are saying the same things. Offer a new angle. An honest review of the product or service with the aim of helping someone. Your not selling anything, just assisting. These are the tactics to use and how to write content for affiliate marketing.

Do you have to have product personal experience?

Amazon, for example, has millions of products so it’s impossible for the affiliate to have personally used each and every one of them. You need to portray a specific angle in your review or product information. If you have personally used this item then say so. If you haven’t you can say that during your research others have said this and others have said that. You are not scamming anyone or trying to portray yourself as an expert. It’s just your opinion from research.

Use reviews to boost credibility

You really need to do your homework. Find out what genuine customers thought. Both good and bad. Make two separate lists. The pro’s and cons. This is great information to have. A very powerful concept you can add to give some real juice to your web pages. Why should this potential customer search for product feedback because you already have this available for the customer to review.

All you need to do is list the comments in general. Don’t quote anyone by name, just some of the information listed in the review. You don’t need the full text, just add a snippet. If someone in a review states that ‘the seat on the rowing machine was most comfortable as opposed to more expensive models’ then add this to your content. It’s not plagiarism because you are rewriting the facts in your own words.

You can really go to town on this. This can really make your website stand out. Don’t worry about writing too much. In fact, the more the better. There is nothing stopping you from adding affiliate links throughout the text. You want your product review to be the very best. If another affiliate writes the top 10 best things about product A, then your review will write the top 20 best things. Go the extra mile!

Can you imagine seeing that in the search results? One listing says the top 10 best things, while the one below it says the top 20. Which one would you click on? We will go into writing good copy like this example in another article. But now you can see how to write content for affiliate marketing is a very powerful concept to learn.

Don’t be afraid of recommendations

Recommendations are a very powerful marketing tool we can use when we are promoting affiliate products. We see these all the time and Amazon has been using them for years. Can you recall the last time you bought something from Amazon? If you can, you will always see the information box that says “customers who bought this also bought these”. It’s a great marketing concept in my opinion.

It really puts you in an awkward position. Why did these other people buy these at the same time? These must compliment my main purchase so if others are buying them…so should I. You start to question yourself and that’s what the seller wants. To put you on the back foot to make an instant decision.

They don’t list one, sometimes three or four items. You can do the same on your website by adding the same products listed on the Amazon official website. Yes, I know they will see these anyway on the main Amazon website when they click on your main offer. You will, of course, get the affiliate commission accordingly, that’s fine. But what if they don’t click on your affiliate link to buy your main offer?

This is how to write content for affiliate marketing. It’s better to list some options because this will increase sales. If you failed to convince them to buy the main offer then it’s worth trying to get a commission from a lower value one. The commission continues to tick over and who is to say they won’t upsell on the main Amazon website to buy the main offer in the end?

Recommend Alternatives

When you did your customer feedback research you may have come across some customers saying that this product is not as good as a higher value one or vice versa. This is marketing gold for you because you can add this information on your web page. Let’s look at the “rowing machine” example once more. You can list a more or least expensive model. Not to add confusion but to add real honest value to your web page.

Be honest and say they could get the same functions from a different model which is a little cheaper. This is how you can connect to your customer. You portray yourself as someone that is just trying to help, not sell anything. Provide them with options and tell them why you think they should consider a different model. It doesn’t matter if they are not interested in your suggestions. You are providing them with viable options you have discovered as part of your research.

I will be writing other articles on how to write content for affiliate marketing in the future. It’s such a valuable skill to master and it really will pay dividends in turning a website visitor into a customer. Your hard work will be rewarded in the long-term. You will see exactly what I mean when you see an increase in affiliate commissions. If you can do the extra mile in your online business then you will be rewarded.

Avoid cutting corners and looking for the quick easy route. There is no longevity in building affiliates pages in this manner. Do sufficient research into everything you promote as an affiliate. Be honest and most of all be unique. Your potential customers will thank you for it. Not in person or via email but increasing your affiliate revenue.


10 Reasons Why Online Businesses Fail

10 reasons why online businesses fail

10 reasons why online businesses fail

It’s a disturbing fact that 90% of all new online business fail. But don’t let these statistics put you off starting a new online venture. I wanted this information to encourage you to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes as the majority do. 10 reasons why online businesses fail will prepare you for the upcoming challenging tasks. These revealing stats will hopefully assist you so you can move forward and be prepared for the obstacles that lie ahead.

Online business is a wonderful concept. I can fully understand the attraction and would always encourage individuals to follow their dreams. The idea of removing the shackles of paid employment making other people rich. The removal of salary caps, dedicated hours and commitment. You feel trapped in a business where you hold no personal interest. This can increase stress and frustration over time and can eat away at you like a virus with no antidote. You deserve better and you believe you have what it takes to sack your boss! The 10 reasons why online businesses fail may assist you on your journey.

These positive actions are a testimony and prove you mean business. You are a coiled spring waiting to bounce into action. You have a solid business idea in an area where you have an interest or have previously excelled. You want to get started today without delay. The road to financial freedom is clear in your mind. Your goals will be achieved and you will start to live the type of lifestyle you dream of. You want to join the online business ‘gurus’ that are getting rich. You are getting left behind and want to jump on this gravy train before it leaves the station for good! This article “10 Reasons Why Online Business Fail” will hopefully provide you with a reality check.

Online Business is a melting pot of individuals all trying to outdo each other. They all want their slice of this very lucrative pie and will not allow anyone to stand in their way. They have an obsession that has to be cured. The only remedy is the online business success they crave. They will try just about every trick in the book to drive you out of business by either outranking you or stealing your customers.

If you are considering getting involved in a very competitive niche then fasten your seatbelts. Don’t be one of the 10 reasons why online businesses fail. Your rivals are not going to be happy. They will reverse engineer any success you have so they can copy and then do it better. They will dissect your marketing strategies. They want to know your traffic levels and sources. How you achieved a high ranking for specific keywords. The list goes on. This is the reality of online business. I am revealing to you 10 reasons why online businesses fail but I could probably list 100.

I hope I am not putting you off starting a new business? There is, however,  finally some good news. If you are in a less competitive niche then many of these problems won’t affect you. Not at this present time anyway. If the niche becomes popular then hold onto your hats because it’s going to get very interesting. But at that point, you should already have an established business within that niche that has an excellent ranking and traffic level. It’s not going to be easy to displace you as long as your online business was built on solid foundations.

Let’s take a look at these 10 reasons why online businesses fail in more detail to ensure your business is not going to be in the 90% fail statistics. Some of these will familiar to you and others won’t. But if you take note of these factors then you will be better placed to avoid them as your online venture develops.

The top 10 reasons why online businesses fail

1: Your personal motivation

Do you have what it takes to be a success? Have you achieved something in the past that will hold you in good stead? Maybe you have overcome difficult challenges in business or during your career? When the odds were against you a positive result was accomplished. You have shown a determination to ensure a beneficial outcome was achieved. A persistence that paid dividends in reaching the end goal.

If you have these types of motivational traits then I think you have what it takes to succeed in online business. But check out the other 10 reasons why online businesses fail to certify this.

2: Reaction to setbacks

Are you the type of person that gives up easily when things don’t go your way? Do you get easily frustrated by failing to accomplish specific tasks? How do you feel when you work hard at a project and don’t see any positive results? Online business is all about enjoying the good times and learning from the bad times. You cannot complain when things don’t work out as you planned. You didn’t forecast the negatives and now you can’t handle them.

If you can’t handle the setbacks then online business is not for you. This is only one of the 10 reasons why online businesses fail.

3: Online business equipment?

Do you have the equipment required to start an online business? A solid Internet connection? You will require regular access to a computer or laptop, printer, and mobile device? A tablet or iPad would be beneficial though not essential. You really need all these hardware and gadgets. These are the tools that you will be using on a regular basis. Without these, you are sunk from the very beginning. If you don’t possess these essential goodies then are you in a position to buy them? Trips to the library to use the computers for free is not going to cut it. You have to own these items.

If you have all these in place, ready to go then you can start to build a successful online business. Without them, you are lost! Another one of the 10 reasons why online businesses fail

4: A place to work.

Where do you intend to work in your online business? If it’s surrounded by children, family members and constant distractions then it’s going to be tough. You have to treat your online business as a real business. To get results you have to focus…and that means no distractions. You can do it from the kitchen table as long as you have a few hours a day to concentrate to ensure you make progress. You can’t work around people eating, playing and neighbors popping around for coffee. You won’t make progress so your online business will fail. Try and create a professional place for work. A hub for your online business. A small study or bedroom is perfect. You can close the door and focus 100%.

If you can’t secure a dedicated place for work at home with no distractions then your online business will probably fail. This is No4 of the 10 reasons why online businesses fail.

5: Quick Learner

The internet is constantly evolving so we have to make changes to our business from time to time. This ensures we do not get left behind the competition. These could be design skills, Internet marketing techniques or common business acumen. There are times in online business when we have to learn something new. This is the same for everyone…I guarantee it. Do you have what it takes to learn something new? Can you follow and are willing to follow simple systems and methods that can take your business onto the next level? You will be amazed at how frequently the online business industry changes. We have to harness new skills and knowledge to compete.

Google algorithm change is the most common. This happens every 6-months or so. If our website drops in the search engine results because of an update to the Google page ranking system then it will affect business. We have to act quickly to get these rankings back. This is just an example of what lies ahead.

If you are able to learn new methods and skills then you will be fine. If you can’t afford to outsource these tasks to make these changes for you then you’re in trouble.

We are halfway into this article that shows us the 10 reasons why online businesses fail. If you reached this point I can see instantly you are determined. You are still will us so give yourself a pat on the back.

6. Your Time

How much time can you commit to your business? I will tell you from experience that building a new online business is not for the faint-hearted. You need a total commitment to your time. 30-minutes a day, 2 or 3 days a week is not going to be enough. In the early stages, I would recommend 2-4 hours every day. Then you will see results quicker. Your business will evolve before your very eyes as you build and construct it. This should hopefully encourage you to do more and then you can really upscale things onto a different level.

If you don’t have the time to commit, then online business is not for you. One more of the 10 reasons why online businesses fail.

7. The 120-day Google challenge

Facts have revealed that the majority of new online businesses fail before the 120-day mark. Why is that? In most cases the answer is simple. Without Google rankings, your website will not get sufficient traffic levels. If you don’t have enough traffic you won’t have enough sales. Your website is new and Google doesn’t trust it.

Maybe it thinks that you are going to join the 120-day drop-out quota. Why list your website if it’s not working as a business? Why index pages that may no longer be there next week? You have to convince Google that you are here for the long haul. You will add fresh quality content on a regular basis that Google’s customers will love. Your website is an authority in this particular niche and beneficial to Google.

The search results will be a sad place without your business listing. Surfers are missing out on something quite wonderful. So stick with it an don’t join the 120-day stats club. You will be rewarded by Google when they are ready, and only when they are ready! Don’t get frustrated with slow traffic, perseverance brings huge rewards in the long-term. If you have the determination to pass the 120-day challenge then you are closer to online business success. This is the most common of the 10 reasons why online businesses fail.

8. Shiny Objects

Don’t get distracted by shiny objects. Avoid being a magpie jumping from one business to the next because some (so-called) expert says it’s a great niche to be in right now. You have already done your niche research so there’s no going back. Your choice has been made, stick with it and trust what you believe in. Don’t get distracted by someone you have never met who says ‘get on this now’ or ‘join us and make money online’.

All this will achieve is you will end up at the very same point where you are now…only 3-months down the line. You have wasted 3-months of work and 3-months of your life. Ignore the shiny objects. Stop searching for ‘online business ideas’ and ‘quick online income’ scams. If it sounds too good to be true that’s exactly what it is. Trust your intuition and continue with the momentum in your business. Success is closer than you think.

We are nearly at the end now and if you’re reading this then you are making good progress. I understand that the “10 reasons why online businesses fail” article isn’t something that you want to read. But to be honest, it will assist you with your online business progress in the long term.

9. Niche Mistakes

Ideas are 10-a penny. I can honestly write down 20 great ideas for online businesses when I am walking the dog. You have probably done this also. You carry on doing the simple things in everyday life then ‘BOOM’, another great online business niche enters your head. Another lightbulb moment. You convince yourself this is the one. Detailed research tells you something quite different.

Choosing the wrong niche is a common reason for online business failure. You were 100% sure in your mind that this is the one for you. But it’s possible that personal feelings have overtaken reason. This is your interest, where your knowledge lies. You’ve been infatuated with this topic for years and dream of starting an online business on the subject. Your friends have encouraged you and they want to be your customers. The problem is…it was all for nothing!

The basic research you did was not enough. You should have gone into the business investigation in more detail. Analyze the statistics to ensure a business can be built around this niche and more importantly…that it can be monetized. The groundwork you completed to ensure the idea was feasible has found to be wanting. The traffic stats report levels told you lies. You made a mistake and now you have to come to terms with this catastrophic disaster. There is only one option available…to stop the online business and move onto the next! One of the 10 reasons why online businesses fail.

This is a very sad, but common problem for many online business owners. The realization they have chosen the wrong niche. An online cash-cow that can’t even spit pennies. The only positive you can take away from a situation like this is the experience. Do the research correctly next time in the beginning to avoid potential disaster in the future.

10. Circumstances Change

We cannot plan out every aspect of life. Occurrences happen when we least expect them. One day the future is clear and something comes out of the blue to change all that. It could be a family issue, health, finance or something more personal. Some of these will have a factor in running an online business and a reason for failure.

In most circumstances, this is not the fault of the website owner. Life throws us many challenges and we have to deal with them during unforeseen issues that affect us. We have to focus on priorities and this could be to the detriment of the online business. We have to take stock and progress accordingly.

I hope this article “10 reasons why online businesses fail” has been some help to you. I know we have focused on the gloomy side of the online business. But if we can address these it makes us stronger. A determination to succeed. No unexpected surprises ahead so we can proceed with caution but with the mindset to make our online business a success!





What Type of Online Business Should I Start?

what type of online business should I start

What type of online business should I start

Many of us dream about starting an online business. The idea of breaking free of paid employment whets the appetite. Sacking your boss and handing in your resignation gives a personal sense of well-being. You have an urge to be in total control of your own destiny and nothing can stop you. You’re no longer making your employer that little bit wealthier, it’s time to turn the tables and put the focus on yourself. But what type of online business should I start?

what niche to start new online business

This is the million dollar question. You have seen many high street businesses selling products and services in thousands of different niches. You do a quick search of the Yellow Pages directory and you will be inundated with just about every type of work on the planet. An online search reveals a plethora of businesses doing well. But you want your slice of this lucrative pie but where do you start? What type of online business should I start?

What Online Business is Right For Me?

The key to success in the majority of online business is to simply stick to what you either know or you have a passion about. Knowledge can take you all the way online. If you have a pastime or hobby that you can expand into a business then your on the right track. This is not hit and miss. I will tell you from experience that getting involved in an industry or niche you know nothing about is going to create problems.

Can you imagine sitting at the computer for hours researching and creating content? Writing articles of 1000-words or more on a topic you don’t care about? Answer emails from people who you have no personal connection to? It’s a tough ask and not recommended. Millions have tried and the same amount has failed. They have wasted their time and money getting involved in an area for one reason only…to make money online.

You have to build a business around a passion, interest or knowledge.

I get emails all the time from budding new entrepreneurs and one question always turns up on a daily basis…what type of online business should I start? My answer is always the same. Make a list of all the things in life that you enjoy. Write down all your hobbies and pastimes. Think about all the skills you possess. What are you good at? We are all good at something and you will be no exception. Jot these down as well. What about experiences? Travel for example. Put them all down on paper and review them. Choose your three favorites and then we can move onto the next step.

Is it possible to build a business around your niche?

Now you have settled on three areas of either skill, expertise, knowledge or pastime we have to ensure a business can be developed around these niches. This won’t take a minute to accomplish. A quick search on Google will reveal everything we need to know. On another piece of paper, we need to write down the top 10 websites in that niche. These are our competitors and they are located in the top results on the biggest search engine in the World.

Check out each website and what is your reaction. Write all these thoughts down. Is the website an authority website in that niche? What are they doing right? Where is their business failing? Do you think your business could do better? When was their business established? In other words how long have they been in business?

Keyword research the competition to avoid building a business that will fail.

Think of other keywords in your niche and type each one into Google search. Make a note of the results. Do the same websites keep appearing for each keyword? You can try this as many times as you like. After a while, you should see trends appear. Common websites that turn up in the top 10 for different keywords all the time. If this happens on a consistent basis in your niche then I would not recommend getting involved in this business. So what type of online business should I start where it’s possible to leverage the traffic?

How to start an online business in my niche?

The research confirms there are too many authority websites within that niche. They have been established for many years and have written and published articles of every description. They have cornered the market already. How could you get a slice of this market? How are you going to rank in the search engines for these same keywords? Your website is new, Google doesn’t trust it, so how can you compete?

Take advantage of low hanging fruit keywords and phrases.

What type of online business should I start if the competition is tough? If you are focused on this one niche and determined to proceed then I have one piece of advice. Target the low hanging fruit. Expand your keyword search to longer tails that are between 5-7 words long. These will get less traffic but you should be able to rank for these quite easily. Don’t be put off by the low traffic levels of these keywords. Join the traffic count altogether and you will see they are worth pursuing. You will see results from these less competing keywords in no time.

Don’t get too excited yet though! We need to go back to Google and do the same keyword research. If you see many different websites with no real authority then that is your foot in the door. An opportunity to build a business around a niche of your choice.

What if the keyword research shows many different websites?

If the search results show mixed results for your keywords that could a very good signal. If they show Yahoo answers, Forum posts etc then that’s good news. Once you build your authority website in your niche you should be able to outrank them. Think of it on the Google side? They are going to reward authority websites because that is what the searcher wants. Specific content to relate to the keyword search. They will rank an authority website higher than a third party website because it’s too broad.

What type of online business should I start that makes money?

Once we have identified a niche that we think can develop as a website and get traffic then we have to ensure there is money in the industry. The exception to this is non-profit websites. But let’s assume that the idea is to start a website to make either a part-time or full-time income.

Do something different and freshen up the marketplace.

Let’s go back to the competition. How are they making money in this niche? Follow the links to any products and services they promote. Join their mailing list. You may find they will push free content before they offer a paid offer? Could your business do so the same? Maybe you have other ideas about products to promote and sell. Could you introduce your own products and services? This would be unique and your markup would be 100% and not a percentage affiliate commission. Look for gaps in the marketplace you can explore to develop your online business.

Next time somebody asks me what type of online business should I start? I reply…do your homework. You cannot start anything without detailed research. Those scraps of paper where you listed information on the competition will be invaluable. These are the seeds you need to sow before starting a business. Without the initial time spent on doing the groundwork and competition analysis then your business will probably fail.

Remember the question? What type of online business should I start? Remember the answer, the one that passes online investigation with flying colors.