Basic Niche Keyword Research

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basic niche keyword research

Basic Niche Keyword Research

It really does pay dividends to do some research into finding out exactly what your potential customers want in your chosen niche. Furthermore, you certainly should certainly by now have some idea what the most popular keywords are that surround your online business topic. Furthermore, the chances are these keywords will be very competitive.

To begin with, do a Google search for a two-word keyword phrase you may find that the top 10-results are loaded with professional authority websites that are well known in the niche. Basic niche keyword research tells us they are going to be very difficult to move from the top positions. Consequently the top of the search engine results pages are where we need to be positioned.

Find out what your customers really want…not what you think they want!

It may be possible to break into the top-10 even if the competition is fierce. But it’s really not worth the hard work and time you will need to accomplish it. In reality this mission could take 1-2 years to complete. Furthermore, there is no guarantee you are going to be successful.

You need to dig a little deeper when doing basic niche keyword research. Uncover longer keywords in your niche that are more targeted. This exercise will uncover longer tail keywords that we can rank high for on Google. It may reveal additional product creation ideas and services we can offer our customers in our online business.

Search for targeted longer tail keywords that you can rank for!

In this example we are going to look at the niche ‘Jewelry Making’ which is a very popular pastime that anyone can do full or part-time working from home. Therefore it’s also a profitable niche to pursue to promote this hobby or pastime as an online business model in itself.

How to do Keyword Research

First of all lets start some basic niche keyword research by going to Google search. Type in the term ‘Jewelry Making’ and then after a space type the letter ‘a’. Furthermore, now we can see some very interesting keywords and phrases that we can use in our business. Consequently it could be content creation, services, keywords for articles and of course Search Engine Optimization.

Jewelry Making A…

  1. Accessories (products to sell)
  2. Apprenticeships (courses we can promote)
  3. Amazon (products to sell)
  4. At home (products, services courses)
  5. And beading (products, services, courses)
  6. Articles (website content)

Consequently, we can see straight away some very useful ideas as a result. How we can make money with our jewelry making online business. This gives us an indication what people are searching for inside Google. We can provide these services, products, courses and website content. This help us build the business and ensure we are selling the the exact same keyword related items the customer wants. These ideas came from a quick search on Google using the letter ‘A’ after the keyword. Likewise, if you generate a list of anything we find relevant and then we can move onto ‘B’ as a result. Lets see what nuggets of information this will reveal as part of our basic niche keyword research.

Jewelry Making B…

  1. Book (products to sell)
  2. Bracelets (courses we can promote)
  3. Birthday Party Ideas (website content)
  4. Basics (courses)
  5. Beads and Charms (products, services, courses)
  6. Basic Tools (products to sell)
  7. Badges for Girl Scouts (courses we can promote)

Giving customers exactly what they want will increase traffic and sales!

There are hundreds of ideas you can extract from doing some very quick research in the Google search bar. These are not random keywords, these are the exact results of what people are searching for right now. Basic niche keyword research shows us these facts. Professional websites can offer all these information to your customers.

To summarise, there is guessing here with this technique. It’s not some hit or miss approach. Finally, accurate information you need to be using to ensure your build your business around what your customers really do want. If you can supply the demand then you have the blueprint to a successful online business.

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