How to Write Content For Affiliate Marketing

how to write content for affiliate marketing

How to write content for affiliate marketing

If you are planning on promoting third party products as an affiliate then you have to ensure that you do this in a professional way. Many people ask me how to write content for affiliate marketing and I always give them the same answer. Be honest with your appraisal, go into as many details as possible including the positives and negatives. Ensure the reader goes away with a complete understanding of the product so they can make a conscious decision to buy or keep searching for something similar.

write content affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Many people reading this article will already know the answer to this question. But for those inexperienced affiliates new to the concept let me enlighten you.

We have all purchased from Amazon at one time or another. If we have clicked on a link promoting an Amazon product while you are not actually on an official Amazon website then the chances are you are clicking on an affiliate link. You click the link and are redirected to the official Amazon website where you can browse for more information or buy. If you buy, the person behind the first website or advertisement will get a commission. This is their reward for learning how to write content for affiliate marketing.

The commission could be 5% of the retail price. For example. If the product is $100 then the affiliate, in this case, would receive $5.00. Not enough to retire on I grant you but multiply that by 100 and you can now see the attraction and why millions of affiliates promote Amazon products.

There are hundreds of affiliate programmes available and here are some of the most popular examples.

Commission Junction

I will cover these affiliate programmes in future articles but let’s move onto how to write content for affiliate marketing.

Why Write Content to promote affiliate products?

The truth is that you don’t need to write anything if you don’t want to. You can simply place advertisements on Google Adwords for example so you get listed at the top of the search results in minutes. But that luxury comes at a price and competitive keywords will be dollars a click. Can you afford to pay a few dollars when someone clicks on your ads without guaranteeing a sale? Not when you are on a 5% commission at any rate.

You could, of course, reduce the costs of the clicks by choosing some less competitive keywords. The downside to this is you get fewer clicks and the traffic will be less targeted. You would be fortunate if you broke even. This is why I prefer to write information and get free traffic as opposed to paying for instant results that could wipe you out financially! Let me show you how to write content for affiliate marketing products and services.

website content writing affiliate marketing

Website content for promoting affiliate marketing products.

Give them the full sales pitch and more!

The buying public isn’t stupid, they are getting very streetwise when they buy online. Long gone are the days when you could tell someone just about anything just to secure an affiliate sale. They don’t know who you are but they used to give you the benefit of the doubt. Thankfully, those early days of “smash and grab” affiliate marketing are gone. The savvy shoppers have hounded them out because they know the real truth behind the online shopping experience.

They understand that if the seller wants their money they need to convince and impress. You have to give them the full sales pitch and then some more. You have to persuade them by covering all the bases possible. You need to leave them in no doubt that not clicking that link would be an error of their judgment. It would be silly to continue searching for other options or lower priced alternatives. They want it now and they would be a fool if they didn’t ‘click to buy’. This is how you write content for affiliate marketing.

Being complete honest has its rewards

Honesty goes a long way online. The potential buyers are generally very good at reading people. They know when you are sincere and not just out to make money. You are trying to assist them in making a decision. You know what they want because they arrived on your page for information about a product or service you are promoting.

The first part of this engagement is so important. It’s like looking at new or used cars in the forecourt. You are casually looking at various models and then you see the salesman approaching through the corner of your eye. You are ready for his well-drilled sales pitch. The pleasantries of “good morning” and “what a lovely day it is” (to buy a new car from me)!

You can read through him like a book and look forward to some business banter. But then you are surprised, he comes across as a genuinely nice guy that wants to help you. This is how to write content for affiliate marketing. Your website has to transfer your honesty onto the sales page.

how to write content affiliate marketing

Be factual with your stats

Make sure all your facts about the product or service are correct. If you have personally used it yourself then this is a huge advantage. You can really dig deep with all the information. This would go beyond what is listed in the advertising literature. You have a bond with this product and you can’t wait to tell the potential buyer what the good points are and not forgetting the bad points.

There shouldn’t be too many negatives. If there was then ask yourself why you are promoting this in the first place? You didn’t like it but you are willing to sell it to others? I don’t think so! The pluses have to outdo any minuses. No product is perfect. Go into details as much as you can. Just be honest, with the mindset of trying to assist someone to make a decision.

If you come across with the attitude that everything is wonderful and it’s the best thing since sliced bread you will lose the respect of the potential buyer. Be unique…be yourself. They don’t want to see ‘copy and paste’ text from the affiliate sales compendium. They can find that anywhere on the Internet. All the other affiliates are saying the same things. Offer a new angle. An honest review of the product or service with the aim of helping someone. Your not selling anything, just assisting. These are the tactics to use and how to write content for affiliate marketing.

Do you have to have product personal experience?

Amazon, for example, has millions of products so it’s impossible for the affiliate to have personally used each and every one of them. You need to portray a specific angle in your review or product information. If you have personally used this item then say so. If you haven’t you can say that during your research others have said this and others have said that. You are not scamming anyone or trying to portray yourself as an expert. It’s just your opinion from research.

Use reviews to boost credibility

You really need to do your homework. Find out what genuine customers thought. Both good and bad. Make two separate lists. The pro’s and cons. This is great information to have. A very powerful concept you can add to give some real juice to your web pages. Why should this potential customer search for product feedback because you already have this available for the customer to review.

All you need to do is list the comments in general. Don’t quote anyone by name, just some of the information listed in the review. You don’t need the full text, just add a snippet. If someone in a review states that ‘the seat on the rowing machine was most comfortable as opposed to more expensive models’ then add this to your content. It’s not plagiarism because you are rewriting the facts in your own words.

You can really go to town on this. This can really make your website stand out. Don’t worry about writing too much. In fact, the more the better. There is nothing stopping you from adding affiliate links throughout the text. You want your product review to be the very best. If another affiliate writes the top 10 best things about product A, then your review will write the top 20 best things. Go the extra mile!

Can you imagine seeing that in the search results? One listing says the top 10 best things, while the one below it says the top 20. Which one would you click on? We will go into writing good copy like this example in another article. But now you can see how to write content for affiliate marketing is a very powerful concept to learn.

Don’t be afraid of recommendations

Recommendations are a very powerful marketing tool we can use when we are promoting affiliate products. We see these all the time and Amazon has been using them for years. Can you recall the last time you bought something from Amazon? If you can, you will always see the information box that says “customers who bought this also bought these”. It’s a great marketing concept in my opinion.

It really puts you in an awkward position. Why did these other people buy these at the same time? These must compliment my main purchase so if others are buying them…so should I. You start to question yourself and that’s what the seller wants. To put you on the back foot to make an instant decision.

They don’t list one, sometimes three or four items. You can do the same on your website by adding the same products listed on the Amazon official website. Yes, I know they will see these anyway on the main Amazon website when they click on your main offer. You will, of course, get the affiliate commission accordingly, that’s fine. But what if they don’t click on your affiliate link to buy your main offer?

This is how to write content for affiliate marketing. It’s better to list some options because this will increase sales. If you failed to convince them to buy the main offer then it’s worth trying to get a commission from a lower value one. The commission continues to tick over and who is to say they won’t upsell on the main Amazon website to buy the main offer in the end?

Recommend Alternatives

When you did your customer feedback research you may have come across some customers saying that this product is not as good as a higher value one or vice versa. This is marketing gold for you because you can add this information on your web page. Let’s look at the “rowing machine” example once more. You can list a more or least expensive model. Not to add confusion but to add real honest value to your web page.

Be honest and say they could get the same functions from a different model which is a little cheaper. This is how you can connect to your customer. You portray yourself as someone that is just trying to help, not sell anything. Provide them with options and tell them why you think they should consider a different model. It doesn’t matter if they are not interested in your suggestions. You are providing them with viable options you have discovered as part of your research.

I will be writing other articles on how to write content for affiliate marketing in the future. It’s such a valuable skill to master and it really will pay dividends in turning a website visitor into a customer. Your hard work will be rewarded in the long-term. You will see exactly what I mean when you see an increase in affiliate commissions. If you can do the extra mile in your online business then you will be rewarded.

Avoid cutting corners and looking for the quick easy route. There is no longevity in building affiliates pages in this manner. Do sufficient research into everything you promote as an affiliate. Be honest and most of all be unique. Your potential customers will thank you for it. Not in person or via email but increasing your affiliate revenue.


Successful Online Business Research

Successful Online Business Research

Successful Online Business Research

You should already know who your competition is in your niche. Personally using their services as a loyal customer or for information. Transition from a customer to a business rival is a quite an interesting concept. This is how we can use successful online business research.

Thus obtaining insider knowledge of their website, the layout, products and services they sell. Getting acquainted with their support staff so you have a sense of understanding how the business is run.

Online Business can benefit from your competitors shortcomings!

Revealing issues in their business that has aspired you to do better by creating a new business in the same niche. Consequently, raising the bar to another level. Offer the customer something a little different, an overall better service and experience. Providing a streamlined, sharper service that was discovered when you completed the necessary research.

Spying on Your Online Business Competition

Set yourself achievable goals. It’s not going to be easy conquering rivals and knocking them off high Google rankings. Established businesses will be a tougher nut to crack. Some of these maybe Corporations that work from luxury office space. Loyal staff creating content and looking after customers 24-hours a day…7-days a week! Successful online business research will reveal this.

They may have an in-house webmaster taking care of the website and the marketing side of the business. If they are a well-established business they will have the funds to outsource support, webmaster and drop-shipping tasks. The owners will focus solely on business growth. Hard work and dedication over a long period is what’s required. Do you have that commitment?

Success can be achieved by focusing on low hanging fruit!

Back in the 1990’s there were lots of rival search engines out there in competition, each one trying to beat Google and be the No1 Search Engine on the planet. Most of these either died trying or ran out of money although some still survive today but have no impact in the marketplace.

All The Web, Infoseek and Alta Vista and many others must have spent millions of dollars trying to be the authority. The only goal was to dismantle Google from the pinnacle of online search but it was all in vain. All we are left with now is Google at No1, Yahoo at No2 and Bing at No3.

As a result, the others have disappeared into oblivion. Let this be a lesson. If the beast is too big and powerful just look for something more user friendly to dismantle from the top spot! Successful online business research will discover is the competition is too big!

Spying on your competition can only benefit your online business!

Spying on your competition is a recommended source for valuable information. Not just the business model itself but for the marketing side of things too. No business is perfect so that means there is always room for improvement. Consequently you can move around their online marketplace as an secret undercover business spy. Revealing statistics found in successful online business research.

First of all you can make notes on how you think the business can improve. You need to pretend to be a customer not a competitor and look for problems and issues that can be resolved. Consider the overall customer experience. Take into account products, services and website layout. How could it be improved quickly and effectively.

Take on the persona of a serious buyer and go through the enquiry and support processes. Check out response times to email enquiries. How they conduct themselves with you. Do they have telephone support or just an answering machine? The list goes on and on. By the end you should have sheets of A4 where you have personally dissected and  annihilated their business with successful online business research.

These are the seeds you need to build your business into something better. A website visitor experience your customers will love. Thus increasing profit margins by matching customers expectations. This will ensure your visitors leave completely satisfied and look forward to coming back in the future.

Competition is not just a good thing…it’s a great thing!

Once you have corrected all the mistakes you have found in competing businesses, moved up the rankings and increased sales you know what is going to happen next don’t you? Your competitors will start spying on you that resulted in your successful online business research!

Don’t let this worry you. This only proves that what you are doing is right! Competition is not just a good thing, it’s a great thing. There is money to be made in this specific marketplace. Competing websites will start to contact you, be your best friend and start joint ventures. Business to business solutions that benefit both parties.

Basic Niche Keyword Research

basic niche keyword research

Basic Niche Keyword Research

It really does pay dividends to do some research into finding out exactly what your potential customers want in your chosen niche. Furthermore, you certainly should certainly by now have some idea what the most popular keywords are that surround your online business topic. Furthermore, the chances are these keywords will be very competitive.

To begin with, do a Google search for a two-word keyword phrase you may find that the top 10-results are loaded with professional authority websites that are well known in the niche. Basic niche keyword research tells us they are going to be very difficult to move from the top positions. Consequently the top of the search engine results pages are where we need to be positioned.

Find out what your customers really want…not what you think they want!

It may be possible to break into the top-10 even if the competition is fierce. But it’s really not worth the hard work and time you will need to accomplish it. In reality this mission could take 1-2 years to complete. Furthermore, there is no guarantee you are going to be successful.

You need to dig a little deeper when doing basic niche keyword research. Uncover longer keywords in your niche that are more targeted. This exercise will uncover longer tail keywords that we can rank high for on Google. It may reveal additional product creation ideas and services we can offer our customers in our online business.

Search for targeted longer tail keywords that you can rank for!

In this example we are going to look at the niche ‘Jewelry Making’ which is a very popular pastime that anyone can do full or part-time working from home. Therefore it’s also a profitable niche to pursue to promote this hobby or pastime as an online business model in itself.

How to do Keyword Research

First of all lets start some basic niche keyword research by going to Google search. Type in the term ‘Jewelry Making’ and then after a space type the letter ‘a’. Furthermore, now we can see some very interesting keywords and phrases that we can use in our business. Consequently it could be content creation, services, keywords for articles and of course Search Engine Optimization.

Jewelry Making A…

  1. Accessories (products to sell)
  2. Apprenticeships (courses we can promote)
  3. Amazon (products to sell)
  4. At home (products, services courses)
  5. And beading (products, services, courses)
  6. Articles (website content)

Consequently, we can see straight away some very useful ideas as a result. How we can make money with our jewelry making online business. This gives us an indication what people are searching for inside Google. We can provide these services, products, courses and website content. This help us build the business and ensure we are selling the the exact same keyword related items the customer wants. These ideas came from a quick search on Google using the letter ‘A’ after the keyword. Likewise, if you generate a list of anything we find relevant and then we can move onto ‘B’ as a result. Lets see what nuggets of information this will reveal as part of our basic niche keyword research.

Jewelry Making B…

  1. Book (products to sell)
  2. Bracelets (courses we can promote)
  3. Birthday Party Ideas (website content)
  4. Basics (courses)
  5. Beads and Charms (products, services, courses)
  6. Basic Tools (products to sell)
  7. Badges for Girl Scouts (courses we can promote)

Giving customers exactly what they want will increase traffic and sales!

There are hundreds of ideas you can extract from doing some very quick research in the Google search bar. These are not random keywords, these are the exact results of what people are searching for right now. Basic niche keyword research shows us these facts. Professional websites can offer all these information to your customers.

To summarise, there is guessing here with this technique. It’s not some hit or miss approach. Finally, accurate information you need to be using to ensure your build your business around what your customers really do want. If you can supply the demand then you have the blueprint to a successful online business.

Online Business Success Secrets

online business success secrets

Online Business Success Secrets

As you are currently finding out, there are so many jobs to do when your are building an online business presence and it can get a little confusing and overwhelming at times. I discovered this to my detriment when I first started out in 1999. Assistance was available as I learned some online business success secrets fast.

I was that enthusiastic about making progress I was jumping from one task to another with no real structure in place. I had an exhaustive mountain of tasks to complete. Business assignments that would take me forever. Work related tasks were completed but sadly there was a downside.

I started suffering from stress due to work overload and a lack of sleep. I dreamed and thought about the business all the time so I never had any time away to recharge the batteries. It was full on for 7-days a week, a situation that could not continue. I needed to harness the top online business success secrets to make progress.

Building your online business presence should be enjoyable!

I listened to a podcast from an Internet marketing expert in the USA called Frank Kern. Frank had already written many books on business building and was respected in the industry. This podcast recording was forwarded to me from a colleague via email. It contained an abundance of beneficial advice. Once someone of his stature tells you something like this it can have life changing effects on your personal life and your business.

What Frank was preaching instantly hit the mark with me.What he said was pure gold and something I utilised in my business ever since. This was his recommended online business success secrets tip.

Online Business Tips and Tricks

Without going into that much detail an overview is all you need. You have to think back to why you started your business in the first place. The attraction of freedom. Being self-employed in a position to control the amount of work required. Not forgetting the income I could earn.

Financial independence was the attraction. A journey I was determined accomplish. The advice Frank Kern gave was one of his best online business success secrets. Revealing, powerful statements to never lose sight of your goals. Utilise the correct harmony balance during your journey. Business and family time had to operated in symmetry.

Hit the right balance between business progress and family time!

To accomplish that he recommended having daily goals for the business. Once you have completed these goals that was you done for the day. You switch off and focus on relaxation and the family. This simple advice not only streamlined my business but it introduced methodology so I could plan tomorrows work today.

Planning in advance was the key to ensure I always had a list of thing to do tomorrow. On completion continue to make out the list again for the next day. Implementing these online business success secrets confirms organisation. You are motivated and the business itself is making steady progress towards your goals.

Organisation of daily tasks can streamline your business!

Putting too much work on your own shoulders is never a good idea. If you have the funds then you can even outsource some of the mundane tasks just so you can have less of the workload. It’s not a race to hit your business objectives and targets in record time. You want the experience to be enjoyable.

You are building your future so it’s something that shouldn’t be rushed. Ambition is one thing but having realistic daily targets for progress has to be manageable. This way you will complete your daily assignments and this is a rewarding experience in itself. You are setting yourself goals and you are reaching them each and everyday. The revealing online business success secrets I learned have all paid off!

This will encourage you to continue growing an online business in the same manner. You set personal goals and reach them. Benefiting from your new time frame while taking significant advances towards your goals. Your business will prosper on auto-pilot with you in the driving seat while you never lose sight of the dreams and expectations you had at the very beginning of your journey.

Website Content Marketing Strategy

website content marketing strategy

Website Content Marketing Strategy

Building a new online business is not for everyone. Expect a lot of hard work involved in the early stages just to get the project off the ground. Many have tried. But consequently the majority give up and move onto the next shiny object that takes their fancy. These types of people will never be successful because they just jump from one business idea to the next without ever laying foundations.

Furthermore, unpleasant circumstances happen when not built on a solid infrastructure. In time it’s all going to come crashing down leaving this budding entrepreneur back to square one. You have to have a solid website content marketing strategy!

Build your website and online business on a solid infrastructure!

Money is like a magnet to some people and they will gladly ignore sound advice and logic when starting an online business. The idea of ‘getting rich quick’ has so much appeal.  As a result we get hundreds of thousands of newbies on the Internet every year trying every trick in the book to beat the system.

These are the types of people who buy online marketing courses by score. They will believe anything they want to hear. Their computers are probably clogged up from marketing guru podcasts, video courses, ebooks and reports. They all claim how they can get unlimited traffic on tap as part of their website content marketing strategy.

Don’t believe all the marketing hype…most of it’s false information!

I see these people all the time on Youtube videos. They all have a channel promoting affiliate marketing or website traffic generation. How I generated 1-million visitors to my website with just a few clicks. This is either a scam or the individual is not giving you the full facts. Any idiot can pay for traffic if they have deep pockets. Consequently, I don’t have an issue with this strategy, it does have it’s place in the overall marketing techniques available to you.

But there is something very satisfying when you create the traffic yourself. from marketing you have done and the content you created. You build traffic from zero into thousands of quality, targeted visitors everyday. These are solid techniques as part of a website content marketing strategy. Not just repeat customers but the majority will be new ones who can’t wait to see what you have to offer.

It makes good business sense to build your website the natural way!

It’s so important to build business in this way. Google has the ability of sending an unlimited amount of highly targeted traffic to your website so it should be treated with respect. You can’t cheat Google to get higher rankings. If you try then two things will happen…I guarantee it!

Website Content Strategies

First of all Google has very complicated algorithms. State-of-the-art spiders are sent out to gather information by web page signals. Google can spot any website trying to manipulate the search results. Do something naughty and as a result you will get banned from Google when they delete you. Similarly get the website relegated. Hence the website will be so far down the search results it’s would be better off being deleted from the system altogether.

Even if a minor miracle happens and you fly under their radar they will get you when they change their algorithms. This happens every 6-months or so. You can’t win…so why bother? You have to use the correct website content marketing strategy that guarantees results.

Make Google love your website and Google will reward you!

It’s not difficult to understand the Google animal. You use it to search for things all the time…we all do. So when we do a search we expect quality search results. We want the very best websites at the top of the search results.

If i’m searching for ‘aluminium watering cans’ that’s exactly what I want to see. I don’t want ‘plastic watering cans’ and I don’t want to see ‘aluminium cans’ because I am only interested in ‘aluminium watering cans’. So think of your website in the same manner. You have to give them what they are searching for. Consequently you have to be specific and targeted with your website content marketing strategy.

Your customers have found you on the most powerful state-of-the-art search engine in the World so don’t disappoint them. Getting them to your website is a major achievement in the first place. Now all you have to do is convince them to buy. The best way to do this is to have what they want on the page they open. No searching around your website…it has to be the landing page they open.

Give your website visitors exactly what they are searching for!

Internet marketing reflects human behaviour. It’s not some secret society that you cannot join. Most of it is common sense. Give your website visitor exactly what they searched for and you will have a much higher conversion rate in your business. This will generate unlimited profit potential for your new online business. You have to implement the most effective website content marketing strategy for your business to guarantee results.