fast free traffic to a new website

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fast free traffic to a new website

Fast Free Traffic to a New Website

This is the second article for generating traffic to a new website. This follows on from my first article ‘How to Get Traffic to a New Website‘. In the first article, we followed some specific steps as part of a system to let Google know that our website exists and to do some basic SEO. This article will discuss a fast free traffic to a new website system.

I know many online business owners who simply ignore many of these methods because it takes a little work. They understand that Google is a long way away from arriving at our website door and we are currently languishing in an online black hole. It’s virtually invisible to all the people we would like to show it to…our customers and Google.


Release the purse strings or do a little work?

There is no point checking our Google analytics account to look for some form of encouragement and inspiration. There is no website traffic action going on that we can study. No customers to investigate to see where they have come from. It’s a frustrating time for all website owners. This is why many will open up the purse strings and wonder over to Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and even Solo Ads to get the traffic ball rolling. But this isn’t getting fast free traffic to a new website, your paying for instant results.

Strategies for fast free traffic to a new website

The paid traffic option is also open to you. But if your a little like me and your favorite word is ‘free’ then you don’t mind doing something positive to build traffic today without breaking the bank.  These are valuable lessons to learn and strategies that you will be able to implement with every website you start from scratch. You don’t have to buy traffic, you can generate fast free traffic to a new website just by following some simple steps.

How to get fast free traffic to a new website

We have decided that our money will remain in a safe place and can be used on something more tangible in the future. Now I have to warn you that these free traffic methods will entail doing some work. The good news is they will generate results. How much traffic depends on how much work you do. So let’s get into it. Let’s have a look at what you can do to get fast free traffic to a new website starting today!

Spying on the competition.
It’s so important that we watch what our competitors are doing in our niche. We need to know how they are performing and why? If they are top of the search engines for your main keywords we need to know how they achieved this? What techniques have they used to rank high and remain there over a long period?

We can use free tools to accomplish this and this is the first step we need to do to get fast free traffic to our new website. One of the best free tools to use is called Rank Signals. This free to use software will allow us to uncover SEO backlinks and traffic sources. Powerful stuff, and just what we need to probe into traffic generation we can use today.

We already discussed how backlinks will increase our page rank once our website has passed the Google website personality check. But we can also leverage these to build fast free traffic to a new website.

Once we have registered with Rank Signals we can start adding in our competitive URL’s. Don’t bother with generic websites such as Ebay, we will gather no meaningful information from them. We want the authority websites in our niche. Make a list of these websites linking to our competition. If they have a blog can you comment on there?

You may find that a lot of links are coming from blog or forum posts. That’s fine, make a list and we will go back to all these later.


How to get fast traffic to a new website

Dig Deeper and Wider
Once you have started to build a domain list of backlink websites we can insert these URL’s into Rank Signals also. You can continue with this as long as you want. You will be generating a powerful list of websites that you can use to add content by writing helpful posts that solve problems.

Authority Blogs
Have a quick look through the blog articles and see if you can make a comment. You may have to register first. This is just a filter the website owner has put in place to avoid comment spam and link baiting. Search for an article that you are interested in and add a few paragraphs of helpful content. Try and solve problems so your comments are viewed as helpful to the question and then add your backlink at the end.

You must ensure you offer great content otherwise it will just be dismissed as spam. You want the website owner to read it and consider it to be good enough to leave on the website. It’s a ‘give and take’ relationship. You are giving some useful content that the blog owner considers useful to readers. You are rewarded by allowing you to add your website link, thus creating the backlink.

Authority Forums
Forums are another useful way to get fast free traffic to a new website. These websites are slightly different. First of all, we need to register before we are allowed to comment on anything. When we add our signature we need to provide a very powerful title that will catch the eye. Add a few lines of text outlining your business and who you are. Then you can add the URL of your website. Once approved you can start to post.

The same rules apply to blog commenting. Add real value to the forum by making professional comments that have real appeal to the forum community. Don’t just say ‘great post’ and here is my website link. You will probably get banned the same day. You are getting something of value (a backlink) from an authority website in your niche that Google will take notice of. In return give the forum something of value in return…great content.


Build Backlinks and Build Reputation
Once you do this on a regular basis you will see results, I guarantee it! Not only will you receive more website visitors but you will be networking and creating useful contacts in your niche which can only be good for business. But this can only happen if you give the great content so they will see you as an authority in the niche. Forums and blog posts are great for fast free traffic to a new website.

Target the Long Tail Keywords
Another very useful tactic to use to get fast free traffic to a new website is to choose longer, less competitive keywords. We call these ‘long tail’ keywords and they will generally receive less traffic but don’t let that put you off.

It’s common for an online business to focus on keywords that are 2-3 and 4 words long. Let’s suggest our website promotes ‘Elvis Presley Memorabilia’. The obvious keywords we would naturally chase after would be exactly that ‘Elvis Presley Memorabilia’. This would be an extremely difficult keyphrase to rank for, especially for a new website. So let’s look at longer (less competitive) keywords and check the organic search results.

Elvis Presley Memorabilia

(About 7,630,000 results)

Elvis Presley Memorabilia Mugs 

(About 319,000 results)

Elvis Presley Memorabilia China Mugs
(About 210,000 results)

6- Keywords:
Elvis Presley Memorabilia Bone China Mugs

(About 186,000 results)

Elvis Presley Memorabilia Signed Bone China Mugs

(About 167,000 results)

We can see from these examples that the more specific we are the less competition there is in the Google search results. So while we wait for Google to start ranking our main keywords we can drive traffic now by focusing on the long tail. Get fast free traffic to a new website with longer keywords.

I know you’re probably thinking that creating a web page for long tail keywords will bring less traffic so what’s the point? The point is you can get pages ranked much more quickly and that is what we are looking to achieve. Generating fast free traffic to a new website? Build more and more pages to target the long tail.

Don’t just be credible…be incredible!
Google will start to take notice of your website more quickly. It also gives your website positive feedback because it shows that you intend to build a website that covers the topic in greater depth. This is a sign of authority. Google loves authority websites. You can sweep up all the less common keyword phrases, get traffic and build credibility in your niche at the same time.

Guest Blogging
This option is not for everyone but the marketing concept is a very powerful one. Can you write a compelling article that has a connection to your niche. This has to be a standout article because you will be presenting it to the top blog websites in this niche.

The idea is simple. You put together a well-written article (minimum 2000 words) and offer it to a top authority blog. Inside the blog at the end is your call to action. Maybe a link to one of your blog posts on a similar topic. The article could be read by thousands (even tens of thousands) over the coming years. But why would another competing niche blog add your guest post?

This is all to do with credibility. It’s fine for a person to own a blog and write 100% of the content. But at the end of the day, this is just one person’s views on one general topic. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to have guest blog posts from time to time? This would freshen up the content. It would give someones else’s angle and opinions on the same topic. Readers will find this engaging and enjoy the authority blog even more.

For you, this is powerhouse marketing. You will gain some authority status because of your compelling article was posted on a top blog. This authority will pass onto your website and these readers may start to follow you and look what you are doing in this marketplace. It’s networking and sharing the love. In return, you could place a post from the authority blog onto yours? Can you see how this can multiply?

You can contact as many authority blogs in your niche. Ask them if you could write a post for them? Show them some of your work. You can really ramp things up another level. All of a sudden you have lost interest in Google and waiting for them to index your pages. This is direct marketing. Targeted visitors coming to your website on auto-pilot. Get fast free traffic to a new website using guest blogging techniques.

Social Media
You cannot underestimate the power of social media. When you watch people walking down the street with their mobiles in hand staring at the screen the chances are they are looking at Facebook, Twitter etc.

These are great places for exposure. Just search for niche groups and join them. I know many of them do not allow the promotion of links but there are other ways of doing it. Place some solid content and ask them to message you for more information. Your not breaking the rules.

On your website ‘about us’ page you could add details about your name in the title, description, and content. So in your tweet, you could put ‘Sarah Jane Williams – Home Made Pottery’. If anyone wants to find you just Google it. If you’re ‘about us’ page isn’t listed on Google add your details on Linkedin etc. Google should spider these details so they will be indexed.

There are always exposure strategies we can use to assist us with our website marketing. You just have to use your imagination. Have a look at what other more experienced marketers are doing. You can learn so much from them.

In summary
Getting fast free traffic to a new website is not that difficult. There are so many ways to give exposure to your new business. There is a lot of work to do and that puts off so many other website owners. But you don’t have to get obsessed with it. Just set aside 2-hours a day for website promotion and the other 2-hours for building new content. You can grab all this traffic that your competitors didn’t want to work for!

You can really move your business forward like this. All of a sudden your website is growing into something special, something very substantial. It is taking great strides towards that authority status. You are getting some very welcome exposure in the marketplace because of your guest posting and Google starts to notice you.

Even your Google analytics views will be something to look forward to. You will see spikes that reflect specific marketing strategies that you have used. Do more of the same and get more traffic. Don’t forget that day when all your content starts to kick-in on the organic search. Once you have lift-off enjoy the ride. Keep building and networking. Looking at your traffic graph will be a sign of achievement. A testimony for your hard work and dedication, now it’s time to reap the rewards. Start building some fast free traffic to your new website today!

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