Online Business Domain Names

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Online Business Domain Names

Does the choice of domain name for our business really matter? The simple reply to that comment is ‘yes’ it does. The domain name is the first step in our Internet marketing process. If we get this right then we are building our business on solid foundations. If you get it wrong it can set-back your business by months…even years! Learn how to choose online business domain names that deliver results.

Your domain name is your first steps into Internet Marketing!

There really is only one domain that gains respect and shows a level of authority…and that is the .com extension. I have been online since 1999 and I honestly can’t remember choosing any other extension than a .com except for very rare occasions where circumstances warranted it. This was because the keywords I wanted were specifically in the domain, in the correct order sequence so I had to settle for the .net second choice. When I state that the keywords were in sequence is something I will cover later in this article. Think of .com as the king of domains so you should always try and secure the .com version as you learn how to choose online business domain names that drive traffic.

A .com extension is the king of domains and screams authority!

We have various choices when it comes to choosing a domain name. If we are building an authority type business then we have the option of simply choosing our own name. So if your name was Mary Jane Williams then you would try and secure

This really does help when you want to be an authority in your chosen niche. So if your niche was about ‘Micro Gardening’ for example, then you could build a website around this niche. You add quality content and after time when people think about Micro Gardening’ they think of one person…Mary Jane Williams because you have made yourself the authority in this niche.

Build a brand that everyone will remember!

You would be building a brand that your customers will trust. If you want to know anything about ‘Micro Gardening’ then ask Mary Jane Williams because she is the expert. So if they Google ‘Mary Jane Williams Micro Gardening’ then your website should be first in the organic search results. These simple tips and tricks as with your online business domain names selections will benefit you long term.

Be famous in your niche and your customers will remember you!

Don’t fall into the trap of choosing a domain name. This says to everyone my website about ‘Micro Gardening’ is only for the UK market. It’s too geographically specific. It just screams out to people my business is for the UK marketing and if you live outside the UK please use the .com website of my competitor. This is really bad for business. Your website needs to be available to the World so you will get more traffic and of course more business.

Geographically dedicated domains can lose you a lot of business!

If you didn’t want to use your own name in the domain I can understand that. Many people prefer to be a little more reserved and that’s perfectly fine. In this case we can focus on the keywords related to our business. So going with the previous niche example so we need to search online business domain names that contain our keywords with a .com extension.

Keywords inside domains can bring you lots of free traffic!

If you search for short domains then you will find that most .com names are either already taken or carry a premium price tag. Just a quick search on reveals these results. The domain is a premium domain that carries a USD $6000 price tag. Now don’t be disheartened at this point. We don’t need a premium domain name to make our online business successful. If our website was built around ‘Micro Gardening Tips and Advice’ then this will allow us to dig a little deeper.

Sequential Keywords are more powerful and easier to remember! 

So we go back to the search and see that ‘’ is available for less than USD $2.00. The keywords are in the domain and in the correct sequence. Remember earlier on in the article we discussed this. So we don’t really want to buy a domain ‘’. Yes the domain still contains the keywords but they don’t make sense because they are in the incorrect sequence. This is why it’s important to secure an online business domain names correctly because mistakes will cost you.

Google ranks website higher where domains match the quality content!

You can do some domain name research now in your niche to see what is available. Look for the .com extension and if you are using your online business keywords make sure they are in the correct order. Avoid using hyphens, for example… This is difficult to type and also your customers may forget and type out the name without hyphens and end up at your competitors business website by mistake.

Domain name research is all about thinking logically. Keep it simple and to the point and then you will be building on solid domain name foundations. If you can match your domain keywords specifically to the quality content in your website then Google will rank you higher. Higher rankings on Google means more traffic and more traffic equates to more customers and sales! Secure your chosen online business domain names today will generate additional income for you in the long term.

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