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start online business today

Start Online Business Today

Before starting online business today in any market you have to do the research to ensure the business will be profitable. The only way to do this is to spend time doing the initial work into looking at your business model in more detail.

You are at the stage now where you have settled on a niche which would be either a skill that you have that you want to share with others or it’s a passion that you want to build a business around…so far so good! You need to take the next steps into starting online business today!

Do the research now before you waste your time and money!

But do you really know what your potential customers really want? In general you will find that most people go online to be entertained or they want solutions to problems. Problems are what you can build a business from. They are the catalyst to a successful business. You need to be a solver of problems. Your customers will gladly listen to you because you have all the answers. So you need to be starting online business with the mindset of ‘How I Can Solve Problems in my Niche’…here are some very basic examples from real life situations.

If you can solve problems in any market you can make money!

Let’s say for example you want to start an online business today about pet cats. You know that there is money in the pet industry because if you visit your local retail park you will see stores such as ‘Pets at Home’ selling anything from tropical fish to cat-nips.

Think of the size of this business for a moment, the cost of the overheads for the store and staff to start with. But don’t feel sorry for them because their annual turnover this year was USD 1.28 Billion.  They have multiple services such as their pet grooming and veterinary services plus the meat of their business which is pet merchandise. If you look in the store you will see products and services that solve problems from cat flea collars to cat travel carriers.

You can be the expert, you have the knowledge and most importantly the answers to problems that people will pay money to solve.

So going back to the pet cat niche as an example. All you need to do is find the problems and then offer a solution. Finding out the problems that cat owners currently have takes just a few minutes. Go to any cat forum and see what problems owners have. Just a quick search will reveal a whole host of issues from worried owners.

My cat keeps scratching at the wallpaper and furniture or how can I get my cat house trained…etc etc. Owners are very passionate about their pet cats and if the cat is not happy then the owner will be the same. They are part of the family and money will gladly be spent on them to make the pet happy. A satisfied pet means a happy owner. But how can we turn these problems around to create a sustainable successful online business? You could be starting online business today in minutes!

You should be the authority in your niche.
Once people trust you they will gladly buy from you!

You could bring out simple a simple ebook that focuses on solving all the common pet cat issues. You could bring out a higher value video series that people can watch and implement certain strategies to solve problems. Don’t think that forums are the answer to all the problems. People want more detail and prefer a solution tailored to their problem.

They want to buy from an expert as opposed to taking notice of someone they don’t know who has just voiced an opinion on a forum. Put your name behind your business and create authority. You would be the ‘Go To’ person to solve pet cat behaviour problems. Put in the homework and make yourself the specialist in this area of expertise. Anyone, including you can take giant steps by starting online business today.

Starting an Online Business Today

You add lots of free content to your website and then offer paid products. People will trust you and will gladly buy from you…why? Because you are the authority on the topic and they will gladly pay you money to solve problems because they have a feeling of well-being. They are happy that they spend their money with you, a trusted expert in the pet cat niche!

Problems and solutions work in any niche. People searching the internet don’t want to be bouncing from one website to the next listening to peoples views on how to solve a problem.

If anyone asks for help with a problem on a forum you could get twenty different answers. This is because it’s only peoples opinions.  All this adds to the confusion. You don’t know who is right and who is wrong so you are not solving the problem.

Once you create the authority status in your niche they trust in you and what you say. You have all the answers to all the problems. Authority and trust are the foundations to building towards success. Take giant steps to starting online business today in any market.

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