Successful Online Business Research

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Successful Online Business Research

Successful Online Business Research

You should already know who your competition is in your niche. Personally using their services as a loyal customer or for information. Transition from a customer to a business rival is a quite an interesting concept. This is how we can use successful online business research.

Thus obtaining insider knowledge of their website, the layout, products and services they sell. Getting acquainted with their support staff so you have a sense of understanding how the business is run.

Online Business can benefit from your competitors shortcomings!

Revealing issues in their business that has aspired you to do better by creating a new business in the same niche. Consequently, raising the bar to another level. Offer the customer something a little different, an overall better service and experience. Providing a streamlined, sharper service that was discovered when you completed the necessary research.

Spying on Your Online Business Competition

Set yourself achievable goals. It’s not going to be easy conquering rivals and knocking them off high Google rankings. Established businesses will be a tougher nut to crack. Some of these maybe Corporations that work from luxury office space. Loyal staff creating content and looking after customers 24-hours a day…7-days a week! Successful online business research will reveal this.

They may have an in-house webmaster taking care of the website and the marketing side of the business. If they are a well-established business they will have the funds to outsource support, webmaster and drop-shipping tasks. The owners will focus solely on business growth. Hard work and dedication over a long period is what’s required. Do you have that commitment?

Success can be achieved by focusing on low hanging fruit!

Back in the 1990’s there were lots of rival search engines out there in competition, each one trying to beat Google and be the No1 Search Engine on the planet. Most of these either died trying or ran out of money although some still survive today but have no impact in the marketplace.

All The Web, Infoseek and Alta Vista and many others must have spent millions of dollars trying to be the authority. The only goal was to dismantle Google from the pinnacle of online search but it was all in vain. All we are left with now is Google at No1, Yahoo at No2 and Bing at No3.

As a result, the others have disappeared into oblivion. Let this be a lesson. If the beast is too big and powerful just look for something more user friendly to dismantle from the top spot! Successful online business research will discover is the competition is too big!

Spying on your competition can only benefit your online business!

Spying on your competition is a recommended source for valuable information. Not just the business model itself but for the marketing side of things too. No business is perfect so that means there is always room for improvement. Consequently you can move around their online marketplace as an secret undercover business spy. Revealing statistics found in successful online business research.

First of all you can make notes on how you think the business can improve. You need to pretend to be a customer not a competitor and look for problems and issues that can be resolved. Consider the overall customer experience. Take into account products, services and website layout. How could it be improved quickly and effectively.

Take on the persona of a serious buyer and go through the enquiry and support processes. Check out response times to email enquiries. How they conduct themselves with you. Do they have telephone support or just an answering machine? The list goes on and on. By the end you should have sheets of A4 where you have personally dissected and  annihilated their business with successful online business research.

These are the seeds you need to build your business into something better. A website visitor experience your customers will love. Thus increasing profit margins by matching customers expectations. This will ensure your visitors leave completely satisfied and look forward to coming back in the future.

Competition is not just a good thing…it’s a great thing!

Once you have corrected all the mistakes you have found in competing businesses, moved up the rankings and increased sales you know what is going to happen next don’t you? Your competitors will start spying on you that resulted in your successful online business research!

Don’t let this worry you. This only proves that what you are doing is right! Competition is not just a good thing, it’s a great thing. There is money to be made in this specific marketplace. Competing websites will start to contact you, be your best friend and start joint ventures. Business to business solutions that benefit both parties.

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