Website Content Marketing Strategy

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website content marketing strategy

Website Content Marketing Strategy

Building a new online business is not for everyone. Expect a lot of hard work involved in the early stages just to get the project off the ground. Many have tried. But consequently the majority give up and move onto the next shiny object that takes their fancy. These types of people will never be successful because they just jump from one business idea to the next without ever laying foundations.

Furthermore, unpleasant circumstances happen when not built on a solid infrastructure. In time it’s all going to come crashing down leaving this budding entrepreneur back to square one. You have to have a solid website content marketing strategy!

Build your website and online business on a solid infrastructure!

Money is like a magnet to some people and they will gladly ignore sound advice and logic when starting an online business. The idea of ‘getting rich quick’ has so much appeal.  As a result we get hundreds of thousands of newbies on the Internet every year trying every trick in the book to beat the system.

These are the types of people who buy online marketing courses by score. They will believe anything they want to hear. Their computers are probably clogged up from marketing guru podcasts, video courses, ebooks and reports. They all claim how they can get unlimited traffic on tap as part of their website content marketing strategy.

Don’t believe all the marketing hype…most of it’s false information!

I see these people all the time on Youtube videos. They all have a channel promoting affiliate marketing or website traffic generation. How I generated 1-million visitors to my website with just a few clicks. This is either a scam or the individual is not giving you the full facts. Any idiot can pay for traffic if they have deep pockets. Consequently, I don’t have an issue with this strategy, it does have it’s place in the overall marketing techniques available to you.

But there is something very satisfying when you create the traffic yourself. from marketing you have done and the content you created. You build traffic from zero into thousands of quality, targeted visitors everyday. These are solid techniques as part of a website content marketing strategy. Not just repeat customers but the majority will be new ones who can’t wait to see what you have to offer.

It makes good business sense to build your website the natural way!

It’s so important to build business in this way. Google has the ability of sending an unlimited amount of highly targeted traffic to your website so it should be treated with respect. You can’t cheat Google to get higher rankings. If you try then two things will happen…I guarantee it!

Website Content Strategies

First of all Google has very complicated algorithms. State-of-the-art spiders are sent out to gather information by web page signals. Google can spot any website trying to manipulate the search results. Do something naughty and as a result you will get banned from Google when they delete you. Similarly get the website relegated. Hence the website will be so far down the search results it’s would be better off being deleted from the system altogether.

Even if a minor miracle happens and you fly under their radar they will get you when they change their algorithms. This happens every 6-months or so. You can’t win…so why bother? You have to use the correct website content marketing strategy that guarantees results.

Make Google love your website and Google will reward you!

It’s not difficult to understand the Google animal. You use it to search for things all the time…we all do. So when we do a search we expect quality search results. We want the very best websites at the top of the search results.

If i’m searching for ‘aluminium watering cans’ that’s exactly what I want to see. I don’t want ‘plastic watering cans’ and I don’t want to see ‘aluminium cans’ because I am only interested in ‘aluminium watering cans’. So think of your website in the same manner. You have to give them what they are searching for. Consequently you have to be specific and targeted with your website content marketing strategy.

Your customers have found you on the most powerful state-of-the-art search engine in the World so don’t disappoint them. Getting them to your website is a major achievement in the first place. Now all you have to do is convince them to buy. The best way to do this is to have what they want on the page they open. No searching around your website…it has to be the landing page they open.

Give your website visitors exactly what they are searching for!

Internet marketing reflects human behaviour. It’s not some secret society that you cannot join. Most of it is common sense. Give your website visitor exactly what they searched for and you will have a much higher conversion rate in your business. This will generate unlimited profit potential for your new online business. You have to implement the most effective website content marketing strategy for your business to guarantee results.

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